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Self goddess

Sage and Rosemary Smudge Spray

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Our Smudge Spray was inspired to eliminate negative energy and create a sacred space whether its for meditation, self-care rituals, yoga, stuck in traffic, even traveling. Traditionally, people have the smudging option to either burn the b. undle of dried sage where it emits smoke or you can smudge spray. Some people are allergic to smoke and prefer to use a spray version. Another smudge spray perk is that ashes of the burned sage don't fly everywhere. Infused with Amethyst Crystal. Size: 2 oz. *ATTENTION* - Please be very aware of your weather conditions as we do not have knowledge of what the weather is like in your location. Our products are packaged in glass and will freeze and break upon arrival if you live in an area that's very cold. Perhaps it would be a better choice to wait until your weather is warmer before placing an order with us. Thank you so much