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Light and Sage

Dream Interpretation

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Hello, I’m Maxine, and ever since I was young, I always felt I had a gift for the mind. And of course that leads to me being able to interpret what our head is trying to warn or tell us about in our land of sleep. After years of writing and thinking of my own dreams and those of the one’s around, I felt as if it’s time I had begun to put it to use to help others even more. I promise you that with me, you’ll receive a detailed account of your dream, what it could be saying or warning you about, or what changes it could reveal, for as our mind continues to be a complex part of our bodies, that all we can do is try to interpret based on what we do know. And with that, with each account given to a person requesting the use of my service, I also vow to give the most genuine of advice, using my own personal experiences to allow a more intimate level of communication.

All I solely ask for you to provide is a small, yet detailed account of your dreams, the day it happened, and if any major event had happened prior to this dream. 

And to that, I hope to provide you with a service that you will never forget.

Email me your dream to my personal email 

I will respond in less then 24 hours. Please make sure to provide your email to which I will be replying.