Crystal Healing: 10 CRYSTALS YOU MUST HAVE

Crystals come in different shapes, styles, and colors. They are more then just being pretty to look at. Did you know they also come with a whole lot of healing and can be used in your daily life to help you bring a sense of balance and feel good feelings. 

There are crystals for clearing chakras, crystals for protective measures, crystals for selfcare, emotional energy, and crystals for attracting all that you desire and more. You just have to choose one that feels right for you. And believe me you will know.

If you are starting a crystal collection here are 10 crystals you must have: 

1) Clear quartz 

2) Amethyst 

3) Rose Quartz

4) Carnelian

5) Black obsidian 

6) Selenite

7) Pyrite

8) Black Tourmaline 

9) Citrine 

10) Green Aventurine